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Free STEM curriculum for camps and a chance to win prizes and grants! 

We provide fun STEM challenges every week that inspire creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. Kids and camps have a chance to compete for fabulous prizes with others around the country.

All of our challenges are created by kids, for kids - so they are guaranteed to be fun. Our challenges:

  • are ideal rainy day activities.

  • offer easy-to-follow rules.

  • use free/inexpensive, easily accessible materials.

  • are perfect for new social distancing guidelines.

Kids can compete individually or in small teams. Kids at camp are eligible to receive the same individual prizes as those completing the challenges from home, but they can also earn a prize for your camp!

See a sample challenge video here.

Here's how it works:

  • Registered camps will receive a TOP SECRET challenge package via email by June 22nd. This package will contain the rules and suggested materials for all of our weekly challenges so you can prepare in advance.

  • Camps will receive a TOP SECRET link to the weekly challenge video on Monday mornings by 6am.

Note: challenges will not be released to the general public until Wednesdays, so please only share with your campers.

  • Your campers may work individually or in teams of 2-3* to create a solution to the challenge.

  • Take a short video of each solution, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube, and submit the link to our website by Sunday at 9pm. Note: anyone with an internet connection will be able to see these videos, so be sure to get a waiver from parents. 

  • Campers will be eligible to win the same weekly and end-of-summer prizes as kids working from home, so be sure to vote for your favorite solutions and encourage your camper families to do the same!

  • At the end of the summer, we will announce a series of individual prizes as well as our CAMP OF THE SUMMER prize. 

* Larger teams may compete in the challenges, but prizes awarded may be limited in number or in choice. Please be sure to follow all social distancing guidelines when working together.

Earn a $250 grant!​

Our Camp of the Summer will receive a $250 grant for engineering and maker space supplies. The Camp of the Summer will be selected by our Junior Board of Engineers based on the following criteria:

  • Number of votes received on videos your camp submits

  • Percentage of campers participating in challenges​

  • Creativity

  • Camp Spirit    


"Incorporating Invent the Summer into our camp last year was such an enriching experience for our campers. It was so great to see them work together with their peers to achieve the goals from each challenge given weekly. We saw students think outside the box, use teamwork, and the aspiring leaders of their generation."

-Amanda Michaud, Farmington EXCL Camp Coordinator 

"Last summer, our camp participated in Invent the Summer challenges. Students were actively engaged in their planning and creating stages and showed creativity, collaboration, and their imagination with their peers."

-Sydney Magaldi, Camp Mentor, EXCL Summer camp  

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