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2019 Challenges

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2019 Week 10:

Mystery Box

You suspect that someone is sneaking into your room and taking your stuff. Create a trap to catch them in the act using each of our four mystery items.

Week 9

2019 Week 9:

Rube Goldberg

Build an amazing Rube Goldberg Machine: an unnecessarily complex creation designed to perform a very simple task, usually involving lots of chain reactions.

Week 8

2019 Week 8:

Build a Boat

Build a boat that floats and can carry cargo without sinking.

Week 7

2019 Week 7:

Solar Oven

Harness the power of the sun and make a solar oven that can toast a marshmallow.

Week 6

2019 Week 6:

Bionic Arm

Build an arm extender that allows you to pick up an object without touching it with your hands.

Week 5

2019 Week 5:

Marble Run

Create a homemade marble run that causes the marble to switch directions at least 5 times.

Week 4

2019 Week 4:

Build a Catapult

Build a catapult that will launch an object through the air. 

Week 3

2019 Week 3:

Balloon Powered Car

Build a balloon powered car and see how far it can go.

Week 2

2019 Week 2: Marshmallow Bridge

Build a bridge with the longest unsupported span using nothing but toothpicks and marshmallows.

Week 1

2019 Week 1:

The Egg Drop

Drop an egg from as high as possible without breaking it.

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