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2020 Challenges

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2020 Week 8:

Rube Goldberg

Build an amazing Rube Goldberg Machine: an unnecessarily complex creation designed to perform a very simple task, usually involving lots of chain reactions. 

2020 Week 7:

Bucket Tower

Build a tower strong enough to hold a bucket full of... something. This can be a table-top model using miniature materials.

2020 Week 6:

Object Mover

Create a device that will move an object from Point A to Point B in a controlled manner without touching it directly.

2020 Week 5:

Mystery Box

Create a new game using the four items from our mystery box: cardboard, a rock, a paperclip and a cup.

2020 Week 4:

Working Boat

Build a boat that can move through water without you touching it - either directly or indirectly.

2020 Week 3:

Paper Structure

Build the tallest, self-supported structure you can using only paper and 1-foot of tape.

2020 Week 2:


Create a working parachute for a toy that allows it to fall from a chosen height in a safe and controlled manner.


2020 Week 1:

Paper Ball Launcher

Create a device to launch a paper ball as far as possible.

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