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2021 Challenges

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2021 Week 8:
Rube Goldberg

Build an amazing Rube Goldberg Machine: an unnecessarily complex creation designed to perform a very simple task, usually involving lots of chain reactions.


2021 Week 7:
Mystery Box

Create a working swing using the items from our Mystery Box and see how much it can hold without spilling everything while swinging. 


2021 Week 6:
Trash Picker Upper

Create a device that will pick up trash without you having to touch it!

2021 Week 5:
Harness the Wind

Harness the power of wind to complete a simple task. The task can be anything from propelling a vehicle, to starting a chain reaction, to moving an object. 


2021 Week 4:
Make a Robot

Build a robot using materials from your recycle bin. This is a creative challenge. Your robot does not actually have to move or accomplish a task.


2021 Week 3:
Water Cleaning Device

Design a device that will help clean any body of water in any way you want.​


2021 Week 2:
Paper Airplanes

Make and fly a paper airplane that can carry some kind of cargo or weight.

2021 Week 1:
Roller Coaster

Build a working roller coaster using only recycled materials. The rider of your roller coaster must change directions at least three times, and must complete the entire ride unharmed.

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