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National Engineers Week

February 20 - 26, 2022
National Engineers Week - February 20-26, 2022
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What is National Engineers Week?

Where would we be without engineers? How different would the world look? National Engineers Week is our chance to recognize the positive impact that engineers have had our lives. This is a week to inspire children to get involved with engineering at an early age and reimagine what's possible!

Celebrate with Invent the Summer!

Peter caught the engineering bug early in elementary school, thanks to wonderfully inspiring teachers and an amazing in-school Makerspace (a huge shout out to Noah Wallace School for fostering his engineering spirit). Now he and his friends on the Board of Engineers want to pass the love of engineering on to other students. They've pulled together a few of their favorite challenges from the past few years of Invent theSummer. These are great classroom activities and allow for both individual and team work. Give them a try! This is not a contest. Don't worry about deadlines or making videos. Just have fun!


And if you like these, come back for more this summer. You can see how our program works here. Don't forget about our School of the Summer award! The school with the most student entries throughout the summer will win a $1,000 grant for Makerspace, engineering or classroom supplies!


Bionic Arm

Paper Ball Launcher

Rube Goldberg Machine

Looking for more? Check out all of our past challenges here. Please help us spread the word! Our goal is to engage 100+ kids in STEM activities every week this summer!

Our Mission

Invent the Summer was created by kids, for kids. We inspire creativity, resourcefulness, innovation, problem solving, and leadership by engaging kids in design and engineering challenges throughout the summer. We aim to help kids discover how much fun engineering, inventing, and problem solving can be. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs. Our program supports this mission for kids from elementary school through high school.

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