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Join the Board!

Next application period in Fall 2023
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Apply this fall!

We're getting bigger, and we need help! 

This is a great opportunity to get behind the scenes of Invent the Summer and learn what it takes to make big things happen. Not only will you be creating a summer of fun and learning for other kids, you will also be creating life long memories and developing critical life and career skills for yourself. Our summer challenges are meant to be created by kids, for kids and we take that seriously. Adults will mentor the team, but the kids will take the lead!

Do you already have summer plans? Don't worry! Most of the work will be done before summer even begins.


  • Ages: 12-14

  • Grade: 7th or 8th

  • Experience: 3+ completed challenges

How to Apply:

  1. Complete our online application. You can download a copy of it here.

  2. Submit a video: Why do you want to be on the board?

  3. Optional: Letter of recommendation

Apply in September!

Our next application period opens this Fall

Activities of the Junior Board of Engineers

  1. Help us spread the word about Invent the Summer.

  2. Assist with our fundraising campaigns.

  3. Design & test the challenges.

  4. Plan & host the weekly challenge videos.

  5. Judge the weekly entries.

  6. Identify prizes for challenge winners.

Important Details
  • There is NO cost to join the Junior Board of Engineers.

  • We are based in Connecticut, but it's ok if you don't live here. Most of our meetings will be held online. When we start filming, we'll work together to make sure everyone is included no matter where you live.

  • We will meet approximately once a month to start, with more frequent meetings as the summer season approaches. 

  • Between meetings, you will have various tasks to complete on on your own or with a small team. We encourage collaboration over Google Drive.

  • During the summer, the Junior Board of Engineers will vote on weekly challenge winners. This can be done from any computer or phone and does not require meeting in person.

How to Apply
  1. Download our application to prepare your answers, then complete the application online.

  2. Send us a short video telling us why you want to be part of the Junior Board of Engineers any why we would be lucky to have you.

  3. Optional: Ask a teacher, coach or group leader to write you a letter of recommendation and send it to

Apply this fall!
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