Our Mission

Invent the Summer was created by kids, for kids.

We inspire creativity, resourcefulness, innovation, problem solving, and leadership by engaging kids in design and engineering challenges throughout the summer. We aim to help kids discover how much fun engineering, inventing and problem solving can be. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs. Our programming supports this mission for kids from elementary school through high school.

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Challenge Participants

We encourage kids 12 and under to be innovative and creative through a series of fun engineering challenges. Our friendly competition allows kids to engage with, learn from and celebrate each other throughout the summer.

Junior Board of Engineers

Kids in 7th and 8th grades can apply to be part of our Junior Board of Engineers. The Jr Board works throughout the school year to spread the word about Invent the Summer, design the challenges, write the rules and scripts, and perform in the videos.

Senior Board of Engineers

Coming next year! Kids in high school can apply to be part of our Senior Board of Engineers. These kids will serve as mentors to the Jr Board. They will also be in charge of our budgeting, marketing and fundraising efforts.