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Past Challenges

Did you miss one of our challenges? Go back and try them all!

2022 Week 8:
Rube Goldberg

Build an amazing Rube Goldberg Machine: an unnecessarily complex creation designed to perform a very simple task, usually involving lots of chain reactions.


2022 Week 7:
Lazy Bot

Create a device or robot that will complete a task you’re too lazy to do yourself!


2022 Week 6:
Mystery Box

Create a fun mini-playground using recycled materials and the items from our Mystery Box.


2022 Week 5:
Build a House

Build a house that can hold up to extreme elements: like rain, wind, or earthquakes.


2022 Week 4:
Launch a Rocket

Build a rocket and see how high you can launch it.

2022 Week 3:
Homemade Instrument

Create an instrument that makes at least 2 different notes or sounds, using only materials that you can find at home.


2022 Week 2:
Humane Trap

Create a device that will capture or trap something in a way that doesn’t cause it any harm.


2022 Week 1:
Egg Drop Landing Pad

Build a crash landing pad that will keep an unprotected egg safe from breaking when dropped from a height of at least 5 feet.

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