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Points & Leaderboards

What's the point of all these points?

Each point earns you 1 entry into our big End-of-the-Summer Prize drawing. The participant who earns the most points throughout the summer will win a prize too!

The grand prize winner gets their choice of:

  • 3D Printer or Pen

  • Cricut Maker

  • MakerDo Kit

  • 1-year subscription to Tinker Crate

Other prizes include: robotics kits, circuit sets, building packs & more!

ITS Prizes 2020.png

How to Earn Points

You will earn one point for every challenge you enter. Earn bonus points for:

  • Getting a friend to join their first Invent the Summer Challenge (+5 points)

  • Completing 3 challenges in a row (+3 points)

  • Entering any 5 challenges (+5 points)

  • Entering ALL 8 challenges (+5 points)

Level 1


1-8 points

Level 2


9-16 points

Level 3


17-24 points

Level 4

25+ points

Last Updated: August 16, 2022
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