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How to Think of a Great Invention Idea

Inventing is fun when you have a great idea. But what if you can't think of anything? Inventions should solve a problem, so the easiest way to get started is to identify a problem. Remember, your invention can be serious or silly. If can be something completely new or an improvement of something that already exists. Watch Peter and Jason demonstrate how to brainstorm new ideas.

Peter's 6 steps to thinking of a great invention idea:

  1. Don't just sit at a table and try to think of something. Instead go about your everyday life and pay close attention to the little problems that come up around your house or community.

  2. Carry a notebook with you and take notes any time you see a problem.

  3. Review your list of problems and highlight the ones you might want to solve.

  4. Put these ideas somewhere easy to see: a dry-erase board, chalkboard or post-it notes work well.

  5. Spend some time reviewing the problems and brainstorming potential solutions. You'll start to notice that some look more interesting than others.

  6. Eliminate the ideas that seem boring. Eventually you'll narrow it down to one or two great ideas of problems with solving.

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