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How to Protect Your Privacy

We want to have fun with our contest this summer, but we also really want everyone to stay safe! It is important to protect your privacy in videos that you post online. Watch Peter, Stanley and Jason explain how to stay safe.

Peter's 6 steps to protecting your safety and privacy are:

  1. Use your first name only - no last names!

  2. It's fine to mention what State you live in, but don't tell us which town.

  3. Don't show location specific information in your video: for example, don't stand in front of a street sign or mailbox showing your house number.

  4. Don't geotag your photos or videos.

  5. You don't have to appear in your video! It's ok to wear a funny disguise or to just show your project. Do whatever you are comfortable with.

  6. To use our online submission form, your video will need to be on YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram. It's a great idea to use a screen name that does not reveal your actual identity and location.

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